FAKE NEWS: RBI wants people to press cancel twice at ATMs

An image has been circulating on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter with claims that the Reserve Bank of India has informed people to “press the ‘cancel’ button twice” before using an ATM in order to prevent any kind of fraud. The claim is found to be false, as News Sense spoke directly to high officials in RBI to debunk the FAKE News for you. 

The image has been shared repeatedly on Facebook, for example if you click this profile you will find the Facebook post still there with more than 30 shares till now, but the post has gone viral on Twitter and WhatsApp groups.

As we can see the image has the National Emblem of India with the colours of the Indian flag with the purported warning message written across. As the message goes.

Important message from RBI

A very useful tip while withdrawing funds from an ATM. Press ‘cancel’ button twice before inserting the card. If anyone has set up the key pad to steal your PIN code, this will cancel that set up. Please make it a habit and part of every transaction that you make. Share for your circle people.”

News Sense team searched the RBI’s official website and press releases and found that there is no mention of any such notification. So finally we contacted RBI Information and Communication Department with the fake image that is doing rounds. 

Reserve Bank of India replied “The information is Fake

Thus the information is proved to be a fake one. We therefore appeal to all our readers stop misleading others by circulating such fake news.