Mizoram welcomes tourists for Christmas Celebrations

Mizoram in Northeastern part of India invites everyone in India and outside to come forward and celebrate Christmas in Mizoram. Speaking to reporters in Aizawl, Mizoram Tourism’s Minister Robert Romawia Royte has extended his invitation to experience the unique way with which Mizo’s celebrate Christmas which includes the traditional community feast.

Community feast in Mizoram are prepared by members of the community from elder to children and has also become an important means of socialization in the Mizo society. Preparations for Christmas is at its peak in this Christian dominated northeast state. Large number of villagers coming to the Aizawl city for buying new clothes, cakes, decorations and other Christmas essentials. Prayers and worship services would be held in the churches from saturday night. According to historians, Christmas was first celebrate in this hilly state in the year 1872 by the British Army. With the entry of the Christian missionaries and the transformation of the state into a Christian state in the 1894, Christmas has been celebrated as an annual festival of the state. 

Located geographically in the North Eastern hills, Mizoram still at large remains one of the least visited state. With globalisation, better connectivity and good governance Mizoram will soon be a tourist destination, hopes the newly formed government.