Pink Health Mission to empower young girls in Delhi

Empowering women by ensuring good health and education is the duty and responsibility of every nation. Keeping this in mind, Indian Medical Association in collaboration with school health services took an initiative “Pink health mission”, which aims to empower young girls with education and awareness.

The major of this focus was on adolescent health, anemia free India, welcoming girl child, aao gaon chalein, and aao school chalein. Almost 65% to 80% of adolescent girls are anemic in India. In order to make Indian adolescent girls anemia free,supplements in the form of tablets are being provided to them in every school. Cervical cancer preventionis also on the agenda where 20000 girls would be given free injections for the prevention of cervical cancer. 

Menstrual hygieneis an important component of adolescent health, hence talks on menstrual hygiene is being given to all girls and free pads are being made available in every school of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) since the girls are reaching menarche early. 80,000 students have been screenedfor drug abuse in EDMC schools of north and south zone. The process shall finish by the end of the early session in March.  More than 200 sexual abuse caseshave been identified with the contribution of EVGCs (Education and vocational counselor) and with the help of 1098child helpline. Strict legal actions have been taken against the perpetrators.

This initiative is being guided by Dr. Ajay Lekhi Nodalhealth officer district health. A programme was organized on 14th Decemberwhere the doctors of Indian Medical Association came together to make girls aware of the array of topics under pink mission health. 300 girlsfrom EDMC primary school Mayur Vihar Pocket 4and Acharya Niketanalong with teachers and EVGCs of EDMC primary schools were present.

The chief guests to grace the occasion were Mayor of East Delhi, Shri Bipin Bihari and the President of IMA Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar. Other major guests present were Dr. R.N. Tandon, Dr. V.K.Monga, Dr. Vijaya Mali, Dr. Neelam Lekhi Dr. Shama, Dr. Vibha Tandon,  and Dr. Madhu Monga.   The programme started with lamp lighting and the screening of the animation movie “Komal” where students were made aware about good and bad touch. The major aim of the programme was to bring a positive change in the lives of girl children and help them lead their lives with grace and dignity.