Indian Girls shines among the top influential women in UK Tech 2018

Among the top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech list, which recognizes the UK’s top Asian digital influencers in 2018, 10 Indian girls shine as the most influential women in United Kingdom. Name of more than 200 women have been put forward to be considered for the top 100 lists of the most influential women in UK tech and the award of most influential woman 2018 but only 100 made it to the top list. 

Among the list of Indian girls, Kolkata’s Joyeeta Das has made a mark among the influential women. Joyeeta is the founder of “Gyana”, an Artificial Intelligence Company based in London. She is also an Alumnus of Said School of Business, Oxford University, which is one of the top B-schools in the world.

After completing her B.Tech from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, Joyeeta joined Said School of Business. Joyeeta then started her career with CISCO in Silicon Valley and had created two tech start-ups. She also received the Said Scholarship and a Fellowship form Entrepreneurship centre. After knowing about the achievement, Pradip Agarwal, CEO, Heritage Group of Institutions Kolkata, said “We are proud to know that Joyeeta is featured in UK Tech 2018 among the top 100 Asian stars and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors”.

She holds a degree in Electronic Engineering as well as a degree in Physics and an MBA from Oxford University where she was awarded the Said Scholarship and also received a Fellowship for the Entrepreneurship Centre.

It was here where the idea of Gyana was initially conceived. Gyana aims to bring Artificial Intelligence and big data to consumers in an affordable way and this is through its unique information search tool. The software looks to integrate data from numerous channels, such as social media, traffic updates and weather, to bring together a perspective about any selected area.

This will include the trends of the area, the general attitudes and even emotional ‘vibe’. The concept of this tool is such that the more data input, the greater our understanding of the world around us. The aim is to help the likes of businesses, government and consumers to gain a genuine insight into specific areas and demographics.

Joyeeta believes everyone can achieve wonder in his or her professional life, she advices, “It doesn’t matter how many books you read or how many people you talk to. You can’t learn something by correspondence. Yet the biggest thing that no one really tells you is that it’s an emotional and psychological rollercoaster. It completely challenges your self-confidence and emotional cushions. Remember it’s not just you, you’re taking a lot of people on this journey with you and they have risked a lot to come along. My advice would be… You won’t be the best thing since sliced bread, ever. You don’t have to be the best, you just have to get through today.”

Joyeeta Das is an entrepreneur that built a career in the technology sector. Her early work was defined by progress in the engineering and program management ranks in Fortune Ten tech companies. She founded and exited two successful startups, one in tech sector and one in non-profit. But she has achieved a lot in her life.

Apart from the founder of the AI Company, Joyeeta is also an ambassador for Innovate UK’s “Women in Innovation” and represented UK in Artificial Intelligence and Space tech diplomatic delegations in Canada, USA and Brazil. A TEDx speaker Joyeeta loves to travel and read poetries. Joyeeta is in “MIT 35 under 35” shortlist, she volunteers with numerous charitable organisations and has been selected to be a diplomatic representative at UK-Brazil/ Canada/USA trade delegations.

So far she has received awards such as “Top 100 techie in UK” by MSDUK 2017, “Top 100 Asian Tech Stars in UK Tech” 2017,”Top 10 Women in IT” 2018.