Heritage Institute’s Colloquium 2018

By Amrita Guha

The Debating Society of the Heritage Institute of Technology had organised Colloquium 2018 in the campus on 10thand 11thof November. It was an inter college pro amateur parliamentary debate and had an array of eminent colleges participating. The colleges that participated in the event, which is first of its kind in the eastern India included Jadavpur University, St Xavier’s College,Presidency, Calcutta Medical National College, KIIT and IEM Kolkata.

2-3-277x300 Heritage Institute's Colloquium 2018The prelims occurred on the 10thNovember while the final round was between Presidency and Calcutta Medical National College on 11thNovember. The motion for the topic was “This house being the feminist movement would seek to prohibit employer-employee fraternization” with 3 participants from each group spoke for and against the motion.  The motion was given keeping in mind about the recent incident of the Me Too movement in India which predominantly started with social media movement. The topic was important in exploring the power imbalances faced in relationships in contractual obligation and also in fraternization which includes romantic and sexual relationships. The participants spoke wonderfully pointing out important views like the importance of Feminism and how things are contradictory to the ideologies of the feminist movement at times.

2-3-277x300 Heritage Institute's Colloquium 2018They also pointed out about the employer and employee role and how employers or the CEOs of companies are often tagged as males preying over the employees who are females and thus the very ideologies of feminism get shattered. While, the other group explained their views of sexual freedom of women and how the sexual misconduct should always be discouraged. They also put forward the view that if required seek help from the counsellors and also encourage other women to voice up against their harassers but never give way to sexual assault at work place no matter what the role one is at.  The main highlight was how Me Too is a subset of feminism movement, the main ideologies of feminism which is equality and along with the gender roles.

According to Mr Clayton Moses, the coordinator of student affairs and international affairs of Heritage Group, debates are very important as it enables the students and especially the novices in building up their speaking skills and most importantly, putting forward their views and ideas regarding recent issues all around the world. These debates also help the students to read and keep them aware of the recent happenings. The parliamentary debate was the first of its kind , a pro amateur debate that was held and it is expected to organise more such debates in the near future to help the students all over the city and outside to share the ideas and views. The winning position was taken by The Calcutta Medical College after a tough debate between both the team who shared fantastic views and strong points to prove their ideas.