The lady who fights for the living rights of Dogs

By Arushi Bhattacharya

In the month of May, this year Manisha Roy Bhowmick a resident of Behala in Kolkata heard a pathetic scream of a puppy and found it is being tied up brutally with a string and being taken away mercilessly by a man, who later failed to show any proof of him being involved with Kolkata Municipal Corporation or any animal welfare group.
1-1-169x300 The lady who fights for the living rights of DogsManisha Roy Bhowmick along with her neighbour Gopa Ganguly intervened to save the puppy, whose canine mother was helplessly looking for somebody who would save her bleeding puppy from being relocated. Just when the two laides released the pup tied with string and bleeding, some local children then informed them about some more dogs who were tied and kept in rags, as soon as they rushed towards the vehicle to find out more about the matter, the vehicle of dogs in rags had already left.
However, Manisha Roy Bhowmick could get hold of some photos which were clicked by a locals resident while the dogs were being brutally relocated, the locals resident however later denied.Manisha didn’t stop there, she mailed this entire incident to Jagruti Foundation of Delhi and the matter was informed to renowned animal rights activists of Kolkata, who advised her to lodge a FIR in the local Police station.
1-1-169x300 The lady who fights for the living rights of DogsBefore informing the police, Manisha tried to arrange for a meeting with the management bodies of her residential complex but she was intimidated through planned mobbing of almost 300 residents, with a demand of backing out from the anti cruelty movement.  Threatening phone calls followed afterwards.But she didn’t back out as she not just acknowledges the equal rights of the animals but she and her senior citizen father had the courage to face the mob against them and fight for the voiceless.
Although in the cruel incident where over 15 dogs were relocated and killed, she is successful in saving the lives two dogs, Lalai and Sallu, the only two survivors of the incident. Lalai, the brave mother who saved her son Sallu took refuge in Manisha’s home as her legal fights are still continuing for several others. An animal possesses nothing other than his or her life and we try to steal it. Let all being live happily in this planet, which is for everyone and not just for humans.


  1. Yes,Manisha is a wonderful lady supported by her father and her husband,to give these traumatised dogs their home,and now they are looked after so well,and have adjusted extremely well with friends and well wishers dropping by to give them a hug and say hello to them.God bless Manisha.

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