Club, to light the life of acid attack survivors this Diwali

This Diwali, Dhakuria Tarun Mahal, a local youth club of South Kolkata is lighting up the lives of 6 acid attack survivors by embracing them to stand on their own feet. In Bengal, Diwali is also celebrated as Kali Puja.

Dhakuria Tarun Mahal is celebrating its 74th this year and to mark the celebration in a more constructive work, the club has promised to arrange for the vocational training including computer education, accounting, beautician course and embroidery training for six acid attack survivors namely Sanchayita Yadav, Jhuma Sarkar, Sutapa Das, Sujata Swarnakar, Kakoli Das and Sahanara Khatoon.

Speaking to News Sense, Jhuma Sarkar, said “no one is helping us, I survived the attack in the year 2014, but I am completely blind. Since then I am struggling. I don’t have a house and work; therefore I am happy that Tarun Mahal has come forward to support us by offering some provision for work. Atleast, now I can eat and live a life of dignity”.

All the 6 girls belong to the disadvantage section of the society. Apart from social taboo, they don’t have the support of the society and even family, to lead a life of dignity. They need respect in the form of work and life of dignity, which Tarun Mahal is assuring them this year.

The club members are also happy doing this fruitful and constructive work, Srikumar Ghosh, member of Tarun Mahal said, “We want to do something concrete for the acid attack survivors. We know that by donating a amount won’t solve the problem. Therefore we have planned to train them in different work which they can do, like Computer training, Accounting, Beautician Course and Embroidery. After the completion of the training we are also arranging for their job. So that they can lead a meaning and dignified life.

On 4rth November, during a special program, which also will mark the beginning of Kali Puja celebrations, the club will publicly accept the six acid attack survivors in the presence of people from all walks of the society. Representation from the transgender community will also be there to support this beautiful cause.