SPYM: Changing the lives of Juveniles

By Shyamolima Datta

Photo: SPYM

The society for the promotion of youth and masses is an NGO fthat helps in reforming juveniles who are involved in unlawful acts and drug dependence. A workshop was conducted by SPYM Mukherjeenagar in Delhi where all the counselors under East Delhi Municipal Corporation schools (headed by the nodal officer Dr. Ajay Lekhi ) were called for a two-day workshop on the identification of children dependent on drugs.

The menace of drugs has spread across the country and it is indeed important to curb this menace. Identifying school children with any kind of drug dependence at its onset can be effective as they can be brought on track through counselling.  The major reasons for children falling prey to drugs could be a negative home environment, low self-esteem, anxiety and /or depression. Children are unable to express their feelings to a trusted adult and hence fall prey to peer pressure.

SPYM-1-287x300 SPYM: Changing the lives of JuvenilesThis workshop was headed by Mr. Shubhendu Bhattacharjee who has been a part of SPYM and is working with juveniles in order to give them a good life. He elaborated the importance of the contribution each one of us can make to change the scenario through our efforts. The kinds of drugs and its effects were elaborated and counselling techniques were suggested to help children open up to the counsellor. Live examples were also shown where young people shared their experiences about drugs and the way SPYM helped them come out of it.  Role plays were also incorporated where the counselling techniques were understood in a better way. It was a great experience and all of the counsellors are looking forward to more such workshops in the future.

Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses is an NGO where children can be referred after being identified with drug dependence. They are working all over the country towards social development.  You can visit their website spym.aarogya.com in order to contact them directly. Let us fight the menace of drugs together and educate our children on this topic so that they do not fall prey to it. Every child is vulnerable and it is our responsibility to take care of every child. Right action can definitely save a child.