Young Author with a Social Cause

By Amrita Guha

In this world, where in some occasions inhumanity has proved to be a progressive trend in last few decades, but there are some people who has been trying to project the little good things that we still posses. Not everyone has a capability to utilise their talent for a better cause but Sukriti Nath, a teenage and first time author has stepped forward to highlight the problem of smoking among the teenagers and has tried to portray the causes and the harmful implications through a fictional character.  Also, as a matter of fact she not only stepped out to create awareness about the important issue but also decided to donate the entire revenue to a Mumbai based  institution called The Cuddles Foundation which supports Child cancer treatment.

2-188x300 Young Author with a Social CauseWhile most of the teenagers are either busy with the career and academics or into various addictives, this 16 year old girl from Varanasi has penned down an entire book called The Burning Truth which as a matter of fact indeed highlights a burning truth of teenage smoking. Sana Sharma, the protagonist of the fiction, lives in Gurugram leading a life with great oppurtunities and priviledges. Just like any other teenager, she also dreams to be have friends and make lasting impressions in her group. While she starts creating impressions and gaining attention from her peers, little did she know that she is stepping into a ditch which will land her into immense trouble and perhaps a world which she had never imagined. What drives her to the pit? Can she rescue herself from the problem?

2-188x300 Young Author with a Social CauseComing from a family of academicians of the city of Varanasi, Sukriti has indeed shed a light on one of the greatest issues of the recent times for which she has done comprehensive researches on the topic by speaking to experts, interviewing and taking references from secondary sources. Her mission to provide aid for the children cancer treatment is of much appreciation. Not everyone dreams to provide assistance to the society in such great ways and it is because of people like Sukriti who creates this world a bit beautiful with their amazing thoughts and efforts, that more people unites to restore its humanity and kindness. Let’s put forward our helping hand to this first time author and make her mission of providing aid to the little souls suffering from the deadly disease, a success.