Music Concert for and by the differently abled

At a time when the whole world is immersed in a race to prove his or her capability in terms of material achievement, there are some who believed in their inner worth and make things possible, which for others is impossible for them. Yes we are talking about a special concert, ‘Concert for Autism Awareness’ held recently in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Why special? because it is for the, and by the differently abled children.

The concert where nearly 15 rock bands from across the Bangladesh participated in a single stage along with the differently abled children with their heart touching compositions. Music once again proved to be the language, which can win hearts and which can transcends the message more firmly within everyone.

The person behind the whole idea of having a “Concert for Autism Awareness” is the founder and chairman of PFDA-Vocational Training Center Sajida Rahman Danny, who has been working tirelessly for years with the special and differently abled kids in Bangladesh. The idea of having a concert took the shape when Bangladesh Musical Band Association (Bamba) too joined hand with PFDA-Vocational Training Center and the result is the success of the event.

Sajida Rahman Danny, while speaking to News Sense said, “Differently Able, Not Disabled! With this slogan, we not only made effort to raise awareness but also wanted to prove that they have capacity to be treated as all of us. This effort not only reached to the people who love music, but to the parents of special needs, to the policy makers, to extended families, to siblings, neighbors, relatives to the general people those who assemble society and beyond, perhaps made them think twice about their existence among us. If it does, that makes our concert worth enough!

The president of Bangladesh Musical Band Association (Bamba) Hamin Ahmed of Miles said, “I got involved with this cause, because my middle child and my youngest are autistic. I sincerely believe that they are ‘differently abled,’ not disabled. I contacted PFDA through a friend, and that is when we first talked about a concert like this. This was two years back. After two years we have finally managed to organize this”.

Isaba Hafiz Shusmi, a “differently abled” child won the heart of the everyone by her performance, after her performance she shared her musical journey as she said, “I first started singing after becoming a member of PFDA-Vocational Training Center. Neither my family nor I was aware, that I could sing well.  In the concert, my teacher helped me choosing the song. On the stage, I was not at all nervous. I loved it especially when the crowd cheered me”.

Through the concert, music once again proved that it is the messenger of the cause which also bought many people together to understand that Autism is not a disability rather an area were more possibility can be explored.