Gunners Day, the Identity of Defence Forces

Every year 28th September is celebrated as Gunners Day.  It has a special significance in the pages of the history of the Regiment of Artillery, as the first Indian Artillery unit,  5 (Bombay) Mountain Battery equipped with 2.5 inch RML Gun, was raised on this momentous day in 1827.  Like every year, the Gunners fraternity in Kolkata military garrison and other military stations are celebrating the occasion.

2-1-300x201 Gunners Day, the Identity of Defence ForcesArtillery was first used in India in the 14thcentury by the BahmaniKings during the Deccan war against Vijaynagar Kingdom. Since then, artillery has been a force multiplier and a predominant battle winning factor.  Through the Mughal period and and later during the reign of the Marathas, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and the Sikhs under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Artillery has shaped outcomes of battles.

The Regiment of Artillery has proved its mettle during the three Indo-Pak wars, Sino-Indian War of 1962 and has played a pivotal role during the Kargil conflict in 1999, wherein the prowess of Artillery as the main battle winning factor was demonstrated once again.  The Regiment of Artillery is in a phase of transformation with the planned acquisition of a plethora of modern equipment like K-9 Vajra & M-777 Ultra Light Howitzers and Weapon Locating Radars in its inventory.  With its vast array of weapons and capability enhancement it has become a significant ‘Arm of Decision’.

2-1-300x201 Gunners Day, the Identity of Defence ForcesOn the dint of its strong leadership, professional culture and effective training methodologies, the Regiment of Artillery continues its quest for excellence and lives up to its motto ‘Sarvatra Izzat-O-Iqbal’ meaning ‘Everywhere with Honour & Glory’

Lt Gen Sunil Srivastava, Col Comdt, Regiment of Artillery, the senior most serving Gunner officer of Eastern Command, attributed the success of the Gunners to the great sacrifices of the martyrs and called upon the Gunner fraternity to rededicate themselves to the service of the Army and the Nation.