Princess Maria Amor, the Traveling Princess

She is a Princess but wears many hats. Yes we are talking about Her Highness Princess of Philippines, Dato’Seri Maria Amor. Popularly known as Princess Maria Amor. She is an International Humanitarian Celebrity and Recipient of DARJAH KERABAT (highest award for Royalty given to Kings, Sultans and Presidents). She is also a Cultural and Humanitarian Icon, Advocate of Peace, Television Host, Marketing Mogul, Seasoned Diplomat, Entrepreneur, Television Producer, Paint-Artist, Fashion Designer, Event Coordinator and Endorser.

Therefore, she can be rightly be called People’s Princess as her heart knows no boundary while she fights and advocates for the cause of humanity. She can put under this three heads, humanitarian, entrepreneur, philanthropist, who is shaping the humanistic future of the world, by travelling across the world organizing events and promoting world peace. Now she is travelling to Asia and stationed in Kolkata, in eastern India to organise GOD Awards – Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists Award of which she is the founder. The international event going to be on July 28th and 29th.

In the year 2010, she founded We Care for Humanity, the non-profit organization with the mission to promote education, health and empowerment to the underprivileged and underserved women and children, through live-streaming technology and provision of learning facilities in far-flung areas globally.We Care for Humanity has undertaken many innovative and important activities under her leadership by extending care and help to the needy and the poor, building projects for peace. The organisation also promotes health and education by strengthening international relations, developing new peace and humanitarian leaders.

Los Angeles based Maria Amor is also known as The Traveling Princess, for her popular documentary television series, which documents her travels and meeting humanitarians around the world.

An honorary doctorate, Dr Maria Amor has lectured and is regularly invited as speaker throughout the United States and Asia on issues of peace, humanity, health and education, human trafficking and international trade. She has received many awards for her works for a peaceful and humanitarian world, which also includes her appointment as the World Peace Head Representative for California, USA of the World Peace Committee, Conferment of Doctor of Divinity by the Order of Hagiasmos in Indonesia, and as the Deputy Ambassador for the United States of International Human Rights Organization in India. She has been regularly interviewed and widespread media coverage on her outstanding humanitarian and peace endeavors globally.

More human, humble and down to earth Princess Maria is also recognized as the beauty queen, youth and women advocate and an entrepreneur in the Philippines where she was born and raised. After shifting to United States she began to explore her expertise and interests and started making big dreams turned into business opportunities while she pursued her career in Modeling and Marketing in 2005. She finished Fashion Designing and Merchandising course at Fashion Careers International in 2006.

Princess with News Sense Editor Joydeep Dasgupta.

She is now a multi-awarded and globally-recognized diplomat, philanthropist, educationist and health advocate, women and children’s champion, community leader, artist, television host, businesswoman and most of all, a humanitarian. She has also authored a book in 3 volumes namely “The Greatest Humanitarians of the World”.

Multi tasking Maria is also an IT expert and graphic designer. Along with her humanitarian works her interest’s lies in film studies, book publication, culinary and entertainment skills enhancement activities. These capabilities and qualities of Maria make her different from all other royals around the world.