Passing out Parade at National Defence Academy

President of India, Ram Nath Kovind was the Reviewing Officer for the Passing out Parade of 134 course on 30 May 18. Total 344 cadets graduated from the Academy as they passed through the portals of the prestigious Khetrapal Parade Ground. This included 238 cadets from the Army, 26 cadets from the Navy and 80 cadets from the Air Force.
This includes 15 cadets from the friendly foreign countries also passed out from the Academy. The cadets are from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Lesotho and Tajikistan.
1 6 300x227 - Passing out Parade at National Defence AcademyShri Ram Nath Kovind, Honourable President of India, reviewed the parade and addressed the Passing-out-Course cadets wherein he complemented the cadets for their exceptional drill movements. He congratulated the cadets and parents of the Passing out Course. He mentioned the pride he felt in reviewing the Parade. He also made a special mention of the award winners.
The Reviewing Officer also appreciated the efforts put in by the Commandant, the officers and staff at NDA for having successfully turned boys into scholar warriors.
2 7 300x211 - Passing out Parade at National Defence AcademyBattalion Cadet Captain Akshat Raj won the President’s Gold Medal for standing first in the overall order of merit.  Academy Cadet Captain Md Sohail Islam won the Silver Medal for standing second in the overall order of merit and Squadron Cadet Captain Ali Ahmed Choudhary won the Bronze Medal for standing third in the overall order of merit. ‘Kilo’ Squadron bagged the prestigious ‘Chiefs of Staff Banner’, for being the Champion Squadron which was presented during the parade.


  1. I have always been a FAN of the NDA Khadakvasla and the IMA Dehradun, the AirForce Academy and the Naval Academy as well as the Training Academies of The Indian Coastguards as well as those Training Academies of the Indian Para Military Forces.
    I am indeed glad that Newssense has reported extensively on the NDA Passing Out Parade which took place yesterday
    I commend and CONGRATULATE the Gentlemen Cadets who passed out of the portals of the NDA yesterday to take on further TRAINING in the highest standards of the Indian Armed Forces before joining the Forces in the DEFENCE OF THE MOTHERLAND.
    I also Congratulate the Gentlemen Cadets from Friendly Foreign Nations who also completed their NDA training.

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