One World One Ride in 270 Days

Biker Debassish Ghosh becomes the first Indian to complete a bike ride originating and culminating in India covering 35 countries, 5 continents in 270 days covering 68,000 kms. His amazing achievement was recognised through a grand homecoming at the Royal Challenge, Goregoan in Mumbai.

Along with riding partner Dharmendra Jain, who rode with him for a large part of the journey, the duo successfully conquered the globe. It was a ride of brotherhood with a mission to promote Indian culture and spread a message of love and harmony. Their mission was given impetus by personal wishes from PM Shri Narendra Modi, at a meeting for the One World One Ride duo in New Delhi, before they started their journey.

Debasshish-Ghosh-welcomed-by-his-family-at-Mumbai-300x200 One World One Ride in 270 DaysOne World One Ride aims to explore the many lands, people, dogmas, beliefs, foods, customs, weathers, traditions and gospels people dwell by and to confirm what really constitutes life here on planet Earth! The ride seeks human perspectives of different nationalities and discover ways to overcome the language barriers and arrive at universal truths that we all share.

Sharing his experience around the world Debashish Ghosh said,“It’s been a wonderful experience discovering new places and learning different aspects of diverse countries. We at One World One Ride want to attempt living by the universal truth, what the pure human spirit represents, and see how far it can go in bridging minds and bringing people closer and together. Love to the globe and welcome you all with a namaste.”

Debasshish-Ghosh-welcomed-by-his-family-at-Mumbai-300x200 One World One Ride in 270 DaysAt yet another level it sets out to travel the road and live the spirit of being explorers, a very primal instinct humans possess, and come back with experiences that enrich lives beyond all material comforts as also impact those we come in touch with.

Debasshish started his bike ride from Mumbai, heading towards the North-Eastern route – Myanmar, to the ASEAN belt, South China – Mongolia – Russia – entered Europe through Estonia – Poland – Germany – France – Spain – Portugal – USA – Australia, back to the ASEAN belt – Myanmar – and Mumbai. He is the first rider to have ridden around the world and completed a challenging drive from India and back.

During his journey, Debasshish showcased and highlighted India as a peace-loving country with multilingual, multi-cultural people and the country’s rich heritage.