Fearless Run by Women

By Rikparna Sinha Roy

Woman Security concerns debarred woman from going out at night. It has been a notion that no girl or woman can go out their after 8’oclock at night alone they can go out only with male assistance. This also at the same time has increased the fear among the woman. To make a strong statement about their rights recently women’s of Kolkata participated in a Fearless Run, a 5-kilometer fearless run. This is for the first time such a run is organised in Kolkata.

Pinkathon 2 300x217 - Fearless Run by WomenThough the mid night run organised on 24rth March 2018 was not a run to protest, but it was where many women walked and celebrated themselves and reclaimed the right in a strong statement of affirmation of who they’re and what they must do to feel safe and secure.Fearless run supported by Pinkathon. More than 100 women gathered in front of the south gate of Victoria Memorial to participate in the Fearless run. Model and Actor Milind Soman who is a founder of Pinkathon was also present there to cheer the women for this fearless run.

He flagged off the run at sharp 12am Midnight and women run for life across for five kilometers. Pinkathon is India’s Biggest Women’s run founded by Milind Soman and Reema Sanghavi, was created with the objective of spreading awareness about women’s health related issues, breast cancer in particular. Through the Pinkathon we encourage women to adopt health and fitness in their daily lifestyles by means of running.

Pinkathon 1 300x256 - Fearless Run by WomenThe Pinkathon, organized by the United Sisters Foundation is conceived as more than just a running event, will see a participation of more than 60,000 women across 8 cities. Right from the start, the Pinkathon was developed more as a community project to spread awareness of the importance of an active lifestyle for women and health issues that put women’s lives at risk.

At the core of this pan India project is the run in each city, built around which are year round training sessions, free offers of medical checkups and mammograms for all participants, training workshops and counseling sessions for various marginalized communities and even a symbolic planting of 1000 trees in each city to make a stronger connection between the health of each individual and the health of the environment.

Another green initiative is to encourage the participants to make the Eco Friendly choice of drinking from a reusable cup rather than a disposable plastic bottle on the route. These initiatives, developed by the United Sisters Foundation, are unique to the Pinkathon and are not practiced in any other running event in the country.


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