Entrepreneurship for Social Service

By Rikparna Sinha Roy

If we look around the world, it looks like a ocean of want. Though we as developed nations have progressed well, but at the same time has created a parallel world where there is a need for food and shelter.

In the age of high skycrapers, shopping malls, branded cars we still find people on footpaths, with shade of old plastic struggling themselves to keep warm in the chilling winter. We often overlook such surroundings around us. But there are some NGO’s and people who try their bit to do some charities. But there some human beings too, who feel the pain and dare to take responsibilities to try in whatever little effort they can.

4-300x288 Entrepreneurship for Social ServiceIn November 2017, two young college going girls Amrita Guha and Tani Sengupta started a small business of junk jewellery.The big motive behind this business is to serve the needy. They have named the business ‘Aphrodite’ after ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

The idea came to these two girls while they were studying in Gokhale Memorial Girls College in Kolkata. In the college fest, they sold cooked items in the first year and in the second year junk jewellery with their pocket money and hard work. Their effort was appreciated by many. That became their inspiration and decided to continue this jewellery making and selling as a business and would raise fund to gift things to the street children of the city.

4-300x288 Entrepreneurship for Social ServiceAs the winner started within a month, they plunged into action with whatever they earned, some thousand’s of rupees and with some support from family and friends, Amrita and Tani along with their friends Shrestha and Debarghya went to distribute small gifts to the roadside children, women and beggars.

They distributed packets of biscuits, cakes, chocolates to children, fresh fruit and vegetables to women and old clothes to the beggars. They distributed the items in the areas of Ultadanga, Sobhabazar, Hendua More.

4-300x288 Entrepreneurship for Social ServiceWhile disturbing the gifts they got to know that most of the children go to school as they get mid day meal in the school. But they bring the lunch back and share with their families. The women are taking care of the small children. The earning member of the families are the men. They are rickshaw-pullers, sweeper. The beggars are very old without proper clothes and shelter. They are struggling hard to survive in the winter.

Aphrodite’ Co-owner Tani Sengupta Said, ‘we always wanted to do something for the welfare of the society, especially for the children who are deprived of proper food and clothing. This small social work made us feel so happy because we saw a smile on their faces.’

Though this is the first year of their initiative but they are hopeful that in coming months they can do this in a bigger way. We can appreciate their efforts and encourge them by buying jewellery from ‘Aphrodite’. It is also a lesson for all of us as shown by this college going girls – ‘Change your thoughts and you can change your world.’

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