Chess Champion seeks “Your” attention

India is a country of talents and potential, but because of lack of little encouragement either from the government or the corporates many talents dies untimely deaths. The story Chess Champion at an early age of 8 years Sneha Haldar is one such tale of achievements nearing end.

Sneha Haldar, the Junior Chess Champion has several miles stones in her very small sporting career. She has the potential to raise herself to many international platforms as she has done all these in the past too, but because of financial support she is missing several events. As it is difficult for her father Bhogirath Haldar the only earning member of the family to earn two meals a day for his intelligent daughter and to support the family and her education, so the chess is for now is on hold.

Speaking to News Sense, Sneha said “I want to play chess”, on the other hand her father Bhogirath said “if any noble minded people come forward to support us, we will be grateful, there are many expenses to maintain this sports including participating cost and coaching, which we can’t afford

Sneha has participated in National Junior Chess Championship in 2016 (Under 7), winning Silver Medal. She also participated in 2017 World Chess Championship held in Brazil. In Commonwealth Games 2017 she attained 5th Position. In 2017, she becomes the State Champion (Under 9). In Nepal International Championship in 2017 participated in Under 9 and won as Champion.

Ananya Chakraborti, Chairperson, West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, who has always endorsed this little girl, has once again appealed to everyone to come forward and help Sneha achieving her dreams, “she has represented India at world chess championships. Bhogirath is poor, can barely manage two square meals a day and lives in a shanty. Sneha desperately needs a sponsor, and a patron to further her chess career. Her future seems bleak, since in India most sponsorships and fundings go into cricket. It is often said, cricket has killed all other games in India. So while crores are spent here to promote an already oversold game of men’s cricket, Sneha waits despondently in the wings for someone generous to come forward and bail her out. She needs help and Now!”.

Sneha, a student of Class-4 at Jyotirnath Vidya Mandir, a government aided school in Taratala South Kolkata though dreams to play chess, but she doesn’t know that the her fate and the future of Indian chess lies unnoticed somewhere in the dark corner of our society and seeks a little attention from everyone of us.