Road Safety for Other Beings

By Arushi Mamon Bhattacharya

Photo Credit: Daily Mirror

It is probably for the first time in the country that a road safety campaign for stray animals is on and that too in silence, as those who are behind this campaign are conscious and concern citizens mainly students. The banners one can came across will certainly put your mind on some thoughts for animals and they too suffer in cold and they also need safety from rash drivers.

This campaign is initiated to prevent strays animals from accidents. To make the drivers aware that they matter too and thus drive carefully, specially during the night and early morning hours. The campaign was started on the 5th January and will continue till January end.

The main objective behind the campaign is to create animal road safety awareness, which public is not very used to. May be something different will create a sense of responsibility among drivers specially who drive large vehicles.

Animals usually meet with accidents due to the rash driving or because of those drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol while the innocent animals are either on footpaths or when they sleep peacefully in parking areas and garages and probably a banner there will prevent an accident warning that there are strays in the area.

It struck my mind as it is during winter the season when mainly the pups and kittens are born and so at least something can be done to protect them since all of them cannot be given a shelter. Animal lover and people who have come forward to help me financially for the campaign are Mrs. Sidhya Bhattacharya, Aheli Biswas, Debashmita Kanjilal, Shreyosi Bose, Manisha Roy Bhowmick, Munmun Dasgupta, Miss Uma Rao and Rajlakshmi Mondal.

People who have come forward to put up the banners are Madhumita Ghosh, Amal Mahato, Nivedita Biswas, Shatabdi Chakravorty, Rajlakshmi Mondal, Tandrani Guha, Reshmi Sen Sharma, Sharmila Chakraborty and Nandita Bhattacharyya. Two very special names to be mentioned here are Komlesh Roy and Kartik Sardar who helped me to put them up, they climbed up tress and lampposts for the sake of animals.

Altogether with the support of everyone, the campaign seems successful, but it should not be limited to a month or two, but can’t we make it conscious habit to follow this for a year thinking about the other living beings.