Education to remove darkness from the life of Sabars

By Amrita Guha

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

While some people are privileged enough to receive education, there are people in some parts of the country, struggling for their daily needs of bread and butter. Education in such areas is far from the primary requirements where children drop out of the schools very often to meet their basic needs of food and shelter which in turn leads to the various societal issues like Juvenile delinquency, child marriages, child labour and others.

A group of friends from Kolkata had travelled to Purulia in West Bengal a few years back, where they had come across the people belonging to Sabar tribe and witnessed their heart touching conditions because of social backwardness, the group was deeply moved with the thought about the future of the Sabar Children without the light of education.

The Sabars is a tribe which predominantly domicile of distant villages of Purulia in West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. In West Bengal , these tribal people can be found only in the villages of Kesarbandi,Bundi, Kuda. They were considered criminals and dacoits during the British rule and the taboo still continues which has deprived them of modern civilised world in every aspect. While earning the daily bread becomes difficult for the clan, education, electricity, hospitals remain their distant dreams.

Thus, the group took an initiative to develop a school for these tribal kids so that they receive the basic education and can earn for their own livelihood rather than spending their days in the far off villages with empty stomachs. They created the SABAR WELFARE TRUST in Kolkata for raising funds to build a school in the Sindri village of the Manbazar area. The school will also provide residence facility to the underprivileged children along with education. The Trust is registered under the section 20 of the IT Act 1882. While much of the legal procedures have been completed with the land being registered, pan card generated and the bank account already created under the UCO bank, Kaundinya Bose, one of the group members who are aiming to impart education and shelter to the underprivileged kids speaking to News Sense said “if everyone donates simple amount of 1000 rupees each by 2000 people, then the dream and struggle of building the school would not remain impossible”.

Initially they were few handful in number now with the passing of days, more people are stepping forward and joining them in this initiative. They meet at regular intervals to update the other members about the ongoing works and they also have a Facebook group named Swapner Karkhana where they interact often about the project and let others know about their mission.

As far as the latest information, the school building will be started constructing from January 2018 itself. The school will be closer to the Sindri town, Purulia and far from their own villages to reduce the number of school drop outs.

Anyone can reach this socially backward and underprivileged tribal people by lending them the helping hand in the development of the school and ensure their welfare by donating any amount to the SABAR WELFARE TRUST. It is after all the duty of the civilised people of the nation to grab the hands of the souls of the underdeveloped regions and pull them up to the lights of the civilised nation.