Clothes for Voiceless

Rikparna Sinha Roy

With the advent of winter, as we human being bring out our warm clothes and make all other arrangements to keep ourselves warm, but there are many living beings who are unable to arrange such comfort during this chilling winter. Thinking of this less privileged beings, a group of like-minded people assembled together to be by the side of these voiceless beings and thus a group called ‘People For Voiceless’ is formed. The main purpose of the group is not limited to the distribution of clothes to poor and homeless but it is extended to the poor street dogs too.

The temperature is falling gradually with every passing day, there are people living on the streets do not have warm clothes to protect themselves during nights, so is the children on the streets who end up suffering from various cold related diseases. Not only that, the street animals the poor dogs who guard the city everyday from unwanted incidents, also suffer during this time.

It is therefore this initiative to collect clothes to serve all living beings around. People for voiceless team members are collecting clothes from animal lovers, their relatives, friends, from whom they cannot expect denials as they are not a registered organisation or NGO working for the cause. The idea came in and they started, so all they are doing with their effort and love for the people and animals.

Young people like Subhankar Manna, Suchandra Roy, Amal Mahato have taken a responsibility on their shoulder and are appealing widely to donate clothes in any form. The last date of donation is on 17th December, but noble cause does not have last date if anyone wishes to do so.

Amal Mahato, a animal lover and the member of the team is collecting from South Kolkata locality. Speaking to News Sense, Amal said, “when I go for work, I see so many children and people staying on the footpaths is such a deplorable state. We are doing very little for everyone this winter, unless people can come forward to help us by donating their unused clothes we cannot reach out to the street people and animals to help”.

If you are interested and want to help, all you have to do is donate your old clothes like shirts, shawls, bedsheets, sweaters, blankets etc. The people for voiceless team can go to the nearby places of your convenience to collect or you can come and be with them in this endeavor. The clothes which are in good conditions will be given to the street dwellers and the extreme old clothes will be given to the stray dogs, as stray dogs are not comfortable to wear clothes, that’s why they will be given bed made with the old clothes to sleep.

The cloth distribution is going to be held on 25th December 2017. Make it a movement by being a part of this initiative. Those interested can contact News Sense or can can call on this number 9123387994.


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