Olympic of Silence

Rikparna Sinha Roy

“The world is silent for us, this is the injustice, the nature has bestowed upon us, but again we are subject to other injustice in the society by our fellow citizens, when they thought of us as disable. But we are differently abled that they do not. It is where our heart bleeds and we weep in silence”.

May be a person with hearing disability is thinking like this, but there is a good chance for every one of us to know and understand this beautiful and creative world of silence. As the 5th India Deaf Expo 2017 is going to be held in the City of Joy, Kolkata organised by Deaf Leaders Foundation, hosted by West Bengal Association of the Deaf at Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Salt lake. Participants from U.K, France, Sweden, U.S.A, Australia, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and fifteen states of India will be a part of this Expo.

5th India Deaf Expo 2017 is an International Conference on innovative technologies, film Festival, sign language and culture awareness and education for the deafness. The Chief guest of the event will be Deaf Wrestler Mr Virender Singh.

An India International Deaf Film Festival too will be organised as a part of this expo. The film festival for International and National films will screened on 11th and 12th December respectively. On 13th and 14th December there’ll be fashion show, talent hunt, cultural programme, exhibition will be held. The film festival is a platform where deaf filmmakers from other countries as well as India will showcase their films. The directors, producers, actors and actresses of these films are all deaf. The film length will be of 1-minute, 5,15 and 30 minute duration on different genre like documentary, experimental, international, drama, action, horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi etc. Fashion show will showcase fashionable clothes, wore by the deaf.

This is the 5th year of the India Deaf Expo and for the first time in Kolkata. So, they are doing it in a bigger way. The organising secretary Mr Noorain Akbar Shabbar says “before Kolkata, there were four events of the Deaf Expo, first and second in Coimbatore, third was in Bombay and fourth was on Bangalore”. Most of the members of the organisation are deaf by they are doing their job. The chairman of this organisation is renowned filmmaker Mr Kaushik Ganguli.

India has about 7 crore people with hearing disability, though this significant population has received various national and international awards but their potential are not recognized by the State and Central government. If you want to participate log on to www.indiadeafexpo2017.org