An Amazing Animal Lover

By Rikparna Sinha Roy

Amal Mahato, may not be a familiar name, but his act of love and care for animals, in particular the stray and homeless dogs is what touches everyone’s heart. He is the mother and caregiver of 14 stray dogs and stays with them in Jadu Babu’s Bazar area of Bhowanipur in Kolkata, whom he collected from different places. Though he couldn’t get the care and love of his own parents, who passed away at a very early age, but he never misses a moment to care and love his family members comprising of this dogs. Amal couldn’t continue his studies after school, as he couldn’t afford to. He took up a job to earn living and started to find his family in homeless and abandoned dogs.

This noble act has earned him friends and is very popular in a Facebook media group Kolkata Street Dogs as an animal rescuer. Friends such as Sukanya Sen help and support him in all possible way. Likewise Damayanti Sen, Papiya Sengupta Adhikary and Anuradha Dutta are there to help him all through. Somnath Halder is Amal’s medicine guide. He helps and guides him whenever he gets stuck while treating animals.

Physically challenged Amal, never allowed his physical challenged condition come in the way of his work, he is in the forefront whenever there is a need to rescue animals, his worked is not limited to Kolkata city, he goes far and wide to collect those abandoned animals, to give them a home and care.

His silent work is gradually being acknowledged, when animal lovers from the city come forward and awarded him with Animal Activist Award recently. Though what he earns by doing a private job is not sufficient for the care and needs of his family of stray dogs. He needs support for medicine and treatments of the dogs. But he never seeks anything from anyone.

Amal is playing a big role in spreading awareness against animal cruelty and is providing love and care to the animal, which is regarded as the most loyal being on earth. Amal is an inspiration for us all – a big salute to him.



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