Blood Donor Finder Bot

By Rajarshree Chakraborty

A Facebook Messenger bot which allows people to request blood donation from nearby donors.

“Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.” –   Katrina Mayer.

We too, have a dream – a dream to ensure that nobody in India suffers due to shortage of blood in times of need .

Fb-Cover-Pic-new-300x116 Blood Donor Finder BotIndia faces a shortage of 3 millions units of blood, making it as one of the biggest crisis in the country. Although we have a number of NGOs, political and apolitical organizations which regularly organise camps for blood donation, what is often observed is the right connection between the donors and seekers at the right time, that doesn’t happen, resulting in immense suffering on the part of the victim and his near and dear ones. Sometimes death too.

How DonorFinder bot works?

When you come to the bot for the first time, you will have a brief introduction about how it works and the pre-requirements from donor and receiver.

Donor : Will be asked to choose blood type,age,location ( user can send his location by using messenger location button ) and enter his phone number

Receiver : When you request a blood donation you’ll be asked to send your location , and choose the needed blood type, phone no & timing.

Algorithm : Bot will analyse every request based on location & blood group , whenever it found a new request and it get it is location and match it with the user’s location to get donors nearby this location with the same blood type then broadcast a message to everyone around this user asking him to donate blood for someone nearby .

When user choose ‘Yes’ bot will share the each other’s phone no. through the Messenger bot.

That’s how DonorFinder saves your time & effort to find Blood Donor Near to you.

What is our aim?

Fb-Cover-Pic-new-300x116 Blood Donor Finder BotOur aim is to have 5000 registered donors on our base by 2017.We plan to make our bot accessible to everyone who uses facebook messenger. We will be modifying our process flow once we have a considerable number of registered donors on our bot.For the time being, our team shall focus on popularising the bot. We also have plans to work with voluntary organisations which are keen to support our initiative.

Team Behind

Akash Paul – Ideation, Problem Solver

Rajarshree Chakraborty – Content Writer, Handle Promotion Activities

Debajyoti Bhaumik – Tech Guy – Coder

Why DonorFinder ?

There are a number of websites, facebook and whatsapp groups ,apps and other platforms that are working to help people in need of blood, but all such platforms face some drawbacks that hinder their proper operations. We have identified some of them as below :

Fb-Cover-Pic-new-300x116 Blood Donor Finder BotFacebook groups are not properly monitored. Even if the admin starts a group with a noble intention, it becomes impossible for him/her to identify every member and analyse fake profiles.People are unwilling to share information like their email id or phone numbers on such a platform as doing this might hinder their privacy.

Remembering a website’s address which one would need only in case of an emergency seems impractical.

Just like websites, apps to face a similar problem.Why should people waste space on their phones for an app which they would rarely use or might never use at all?

Keeping these problems in mind, we set out to find a solution which will be effective in helping donors connect to the seekers and also be user friendly.That was when the idea of creating a chatbot struck us.With around a billion people using facebook messenger , creating a messenger bot that helps seekers connect with voluntary donors seemed to be an effective solution to the problem. That was how DonorFinder bot was born.