A Ride for Soldier

Mitsu Chavda

A young girl from Surat in Gujarat, also known as the diamond capital of India will travel solo motor cycle ride to spread awareness about Paraplegic Soldiers of Army. She will travel to around 25 states of India ~ 20,000 Kilometers. The college student’s solo ride will start from 26th of November this year and will culminate exactly after 60 days on 26th January 2018. The day we feel proud of ourselves of being republic and celebrate the day as a proud patriot. But in spirit our patriotism needs more introspection.

The spirit of the Mitsu Chavda is no less, but what makes her different from us is her ability to take initiative to reach out to people mainly the youths of our country and make them aware of Paraplegic Soldier, the soldiers who are injured and become paraplegic for the rest of the life after being injured or loosing his part of the body in an encounter while fighting terrorists in the border or in an accident.

The Message of Mitsu Chavda to everyone is as follows.

To the 4G Generation of India

Dear Youth,

It is sad that when someone want to do something however noble the intention for the soldiers. Most of you do not respond as obviously you’re sitting comfortably or are quite satisfied with your present status.

Forgetting all about these Brave Men, their sacrifice, their adjustments they made for us in all the terrain and temperature, those sleepless nights of him so that we could sleep peacefully, him missing festivals so that we could celebrate festivals peacefully with our family.

Patriotism awakens only on 2 days (15th August and 26th January) in our country in people’s heart.

Where are those pseudo patriots and pseudo intellectuals now? Who have been using Soldiers for their own fame and gain?

Why can’t you all contribute for a Noble cause? Why are so many unemployed in our country, but still there is shortage of officers in Army?

The least we could do is pay our respect and gratitude.

“These men, who gave their Young Age for the country should be thanked.”

~Mitsu Chavda~

You can help her by Support and Share my initiative #Rideforsoldier



  1. A sensitive contemplative being who has gifted uncanny privilege to empathize with soldiers, especially ones who have become challenged while challenging the enemy & death for our safety & survival. A soldier in me salutes you for your noble lofty thoughts, Ms Mitsu Chavda. May GOD bless you & help you realize you magnificent mission.

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