World’s longest Saree in Making

By Joydeep Das Gupta

Longest Saree in making

The claim has been made by the an award-winning weaver Biren Kumar Basak from Phulia in Nadia district of West Bengal who is leading a team of weavers to make a 3.85km long saree, which he claims not only the longest saree in the country but also in the world.

72 years old Biren Kumar Basak is now a popular person in Phulia with several National Awards, Limca Book of Record and recently a Doctorate degree from a foreign university has designed this saree and dedicated it to the nation, once it is completed as Bharat Mata Saree.

Biren Kumar Basak

He is also financing the whole project including the weaving while speaking to News Sense, Biren Kumar Basak said, “This work of art will be 850 meter long and longer than 3.05kilometer. I am trying to break the record of longest saree made at Bharuch in Gujarat in March this year. I will dedicate the saree to the nation. After the completion of the weaving we will cut the saree into 700 sarees and distribute the same among the poor women of Phulia”.

The saree made in Gujarat, has earned a Guinness book entry. Biren Kumar Basak has also earned a Limca Book of World Record for in scripting seven kands of Ramayana in a Saree.

Ramayana on Saree

Basak is guiding five other weavers, who have been working round-the-clock at his factory near Krishnanagar in Nadia District of West Bengal using 316kg of yarn of saffron, green and white color, which has been brought from Surat in Gujarat.

Receiving Award from PM

Once it is ready, the saree will be on display at Phulia school ground on January 1st in the coming year. The saree, being made at a cost of Rs 2.9 lakh will have colors of the national flag – saffron, white and green. Biren Kumar Basak, who was also awarded with the Sant Kabir Award and National Award on 1st handloom day by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 7th August 2015, said he would dedicate this longest saree to the nation on the first day of the New Year as a tribute to his country.