A Special Marriage with a generous idea

We love to celebrate our moments of happiness, often with our loved ones, making the moment a memory forever. Mitratithi Dey and Debiprasad Bhattacharya too thought of sharing their happiness, but in a different way – feeding and nursing the needy and downtrodden and by serving them for a whole day.

The decision to celebrate their marriage in a different way, though brought Debiprasad and Mitra together, but it took little more time to convince their parents, who wanted a social gathering of relatives and near and dear ones. But had to bow down before the noble ideas of Mitra and Debiprasad, of feeding the unfed and hungry on the streets.

It was on 18th October 2017, Mitra and Debiprasad solemnized their marriage simply by registering with a marriage officer and throws the special feast on 22nd October 2017, three days after the marriage at Adyapeeth. Nearly 200 people were fed, who blessed the newly wed with utmost joy and contentment.

Mitra, a computer science lecturer with Netajinagar Day College in Kolkata and Debiprasad also a computer science lecturer with Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College, has this in their mind whenever they saw people dying in hunger and without shelter and always thought of doing something together, which, coincidently started with their first day of togetherness.


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