Prizes Distributed to the Winners of ONGC News Sense Photography Contest

The Prizes for the Photography Contest “Independence” Organised in the month of August by News Sense in association with ONGC were given to Rathin Dey and Pushpendu Paul, First and Second Prize Winner respectively.

To grace the occasion Sumita Bhattacharya, Manager Programming, ONGC was there. The prizes were given on 25th September 2017 in the presence of Editor, News Sense, Joydeep Dasgupta and Correspondents Sounak Choudhury and Shilpa Mandal.

News Sense organised this Photography Contest on the occassion of 70th Independence Day which also is conceded with the Foundation Day of ONGC as 14th August. The Photography Contest was supported by ONGC, which run online from 14th August to 20th August 2017 later on it was again extended till 30th August.

We received 35 entries, out of 35 Photographs by 22 Photographers, we selected two winners who captured the real essence of Independence through their lenses – Rathin Dey and Pushpendu Paul. Rathin Dey bagged the first prize, followed by Pushpendu Paul.

Let us tell you once again, that News Sense organised an Online Photography Contest along with ONGC in the month of August with Theme as Independence. With widespread digital publicity, the overwhelming response by professional to amateur photographers made this Digital Photo Contest more meaningful and lively.