Defend Your Dignity with Wen Lido

Sutopa instructing girls.

One of her uncle use to touch her inappropriately when she was a child, though she felt bad about his actions but she was unaware what to do to stop this. One day she thought she should tell this to her mother. Mother too listen to her and gave her a patient hearing to whatever she said, but told her not to tell it to anyone.

Sutopa, training girls.

Sutopa grew up in one of the remotest village in Sagar in Sundarbans of West Bengal. She fought to continue her studies and got to learn Wen Lido, which changed her life forever. Wen Lido in simple term is a feminist martial art form and is an important and powerful tool for the empowerment of women and girls. Wen Lido teaches physical, verbal and non-verbal methods of self-defense. In simple words Wen Lido is an art of not only self-defense but it trains women to mentally attack offenders.

Sutopa now is a professional trainer, from women police force to school going children everybody learns Wen Lido from her. While speaking to News Sense, Sutopa said, “Wen Lido is the weapon, which heals me. The mental agony which I am carrying from childhood heals, when I tell girls when anybody touches your private parts tell him, no uncle I cannot allow you to do this to me, I know, I am not liking this”. She also adds, “everyday in bus, auto and public place we face sexual harassment and we cannot stop them and it is through Wen Lido we can solve this problem too”.

Wen Lido Art form started its journey from Toronto in 1970 when one martial art trainer and his family felt that they should do something to protect the dignity of women and Wen Lido was born. Sutopa now trains girls more with responsibility as she herself has gone through the agony, pain and wants every girl to live dignified life.