Lord Ganesha for Peace and Wisdom

By Brinda Bose, Mumbai

Courtesy: Freepik

It is believed that religion controls our way of life in this beautiful land, there is indeed a dark side to it as well. Religious fanaticism and more so religious obstinacy was never parts of the Indian culture. India as a whole has been the melting pot of myriad cultures and expressions and has humbly housed within her territories races of multi-lingual faith who follow a variety of traditions. So be it Jai Shri Krishna, Har Har Mahadev, Bappa Moriya, Jai Mata di, Ave Maria or Eid Mubarak they are celebrated with vivacity across the country.

Ganesha-273x300 Lord Ganesha for Peace and WisdomThe Ganapati times have begun in Mumbai amidst the ever existing traffic jams and heavy showers. Streets are bustling with activities of the idols being transported to the various venues, the flower sellers striking deals with their clients, the sweet shops abuzz with shouting out the names of various delicacies while crazy customers are lining up to catch up on their favourite flavour of either the Modak or Ladoos!

Shri Ganapati or Lord Ganesha, who according to the Hindu mythology is the son of Mahadeva (Shiva) and Mahadevi (Parvati). His is the auspicious name which is uttered before an important job undertaken as it is believed that he grants us the value of wisdom. Ganapati is otherwise our own dear Gannu bhaiya a favourite with all the children with his cute little trunk and love for food. Popularly known as Vignaharta (destroyer of obstacles) and Vinayaka, Shri Ganesh blesses us from the evil clutches of jealousy and pride.

On this Ganesh Chaurthi — Let there be peace and love all over the world, may the Lord bless us with wisdom so that we may not be indecisive in our course of actions.