Street Food in the City of Joy

Saunak Chaudhury and Shilpa Mandal for Newsminute

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Capture 300x32 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Capture 2 300x110 - Street Food in the City of Joyalso known to us as ‘The City of Joy’ is extra joy-ous thanks to the amazing option of street foods available here. They are both lip-smacking and satiating at the same time. Kolkata is home to a variety of dishes ranging from ‘Luchi-alur dum’ to sandwich in the morning, ‘bhaat-dal’ (rice and lentil) and ‘chowmein’ in the afternoon, steamed momos to, ‘muri-alur chop’ (puffed rice and fries) in the evening followed by a full plate of , ‘Biriyani’, and ‘ruti-tadka’ (chapati and tadka) at night; Kolkata has something to offer, to suit every taste palette.
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Chola Bhatura
As a frugal customer, one never needs to bother about the rise in prices, Kolkata street food always remains pocket-friendly.
Areas like Dacres Lane, Esplanade and even BBD Bag, have seen office-goers flock to the different food stalls during lunch and  tiffin breaks, and this is a sight that hasn’t changed for decades now.
Yes, the area surrounding the food stall or even the way the food is prepared is unhygienic, but one simply cannot complain about the taste that is so dear to the regular customers, who gather in large numbers, day after day.
IMG 8582 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Not so clean but tasty food guaranteed
Also, despite the not-so-clean-environment, the number of people I have seen falling sick are few and far between. Maybe they have built a robust immune system, perhaps?
So, lets take a quick walk, through these famous streets to relive the memories and breathe in the aroma, that have become synonymous with these age old eateries.
Let’s begin with Dacres Lane. Shall we?
Capture 3 300x77 - Street Food in the City of Joy
IMG 8469 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Office goers enjoying stew and toast at Dacres Lane

This lane (earlier known as Tiffin Gali) has been treating it’s customers with a good variety of food ever since the colonial rule.

Specialty: Stew and Toast
From brewing tea in the morning to ‘khichdi’ in the afternoon, everything is available here. Other food items include chowmein, biriyani, fish fry, chicken stew, egg devil, and kabiraji (a kind of cutlet). But this area’s specialty still remains the warm stew and toast. This place treats people from all walks of life, who come over to enjoy a hearty meal. Its both stomach and pocket-friendly here.
Capture 8 300x103 - Street Food in the City of Joy
IMG 8592 260x300 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Customer enjoying rice dish at BBD Bag

BBD Bag along with the streets around Lalbazar and Writer’s Building, also known as, ‘office-para’ has a lot to offer to the people that flock here.

Specialty : Rice items
Egg rice, fried rice, chicken rice, biryani, ‘sobji-bhaat’ (vegetable rice), ‘ruti-ghugni’ (chapati and spicy dried peas),  and khichuri are some of the items that are famous here. There are also various restaurants and hotels in this area, but interestingly, people choose the street stalls over them, to satisfy their hunger pangs.

Capture 5 300x44 - Street Food in the City of Joy
IMG 8563 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
College Students eating snacks

College more, an area in the Salt Lake Sector, is always bustling with college students and office goers. ‘Daal-posto’ , fish-curry, fried rice and chicken are the main delicacies available here.

IMG 8587 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Chicken Items at Salt Lake Area
But you would not be disappointed if you want to lay your hands on chowmein, kulcha, chole batura, mixed vegetables and paneer items. Also, one can find various stalls selling fruit juices and sweets here if one feels thirsty or wants to indulge their sweet tooth.

Capture 7 1 300x62 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Esplanade also called  New Market is a very famous shopping hub in the city. This place also offers a wide range of appetizing and yummy snacks.
Specialty Items : Roll and chow
IMG 8492 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Eating at Esplanade

Thousands of people visit this area every single day to shop at reasonably priced shops. But, the perfect icing on the cake is eating off plates offering full-course meals and snacks after an extensive shopping spree. Fast food like chowmein, pasta, fried rice, and rolls are a big hit with the customers. Also puchka aka pani puri, chole batura, idli, dosa are available if you are looking for some more variety to spice it up.

Street food in Kolkata is very famous and integral part of everyone’s life, in the City of Joy. Here, arguments begin over a cup of piping hot tea and toast, and are settled with yummy sweets and snacks. Perhaps that’s the reason why the food stall owners never compromise on their age old recipes and taste.
IMG 8463 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Yummy Platter
IMG 8593 300x200 - Street Food in the City of Joy
Tea Shops @ BBD Bag
If you are willing to overlook hygiene and cleanliness, you would be quite happy to have your favorite dishes at a reasonable cost, served to you in minutes!
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  1. Very True!!!Street foods r awesome and pocket friendly in Kolkata,if u throw cautions like cleanliness and hygiene.I think that is true for any street food in India.Ihad the opportunity of enjoying jalmuri rosagollas in earthern pots
    And Puchkaas while I had gone there.Here I tasted Ghugni in Mumbai in one of the Durga pandals during Navaratri pooja.Nice peepy info about Kolkata street food.Good information for travellers who enjoy street food.Nice pics.

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