A few days ago, I was watching Denzel Washington’s Acceptance Speech at the NAACP Image Awards 2017. It was very beautifully put, I am sure he managed to connect with everyone in the audience and millions across the globe: “So never give up. Without commitment, you’ll never start, or more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish…Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”

It is so important to maintain consistency when trying to achieve a goal. With me, there was one big challenge: Weight loss with a dysfunctional leg. In summer of 2015, just two days before my final exams in my last year of college, I tore two ligaments. You can read more about it here. But to give you a quick recap, it took me one major surgery, multiple breakdowns, an immobile leg and moving to a new country to embark on my fitness journey.

Prior to any concrete research, I had my share of failed attempts on “eating right”. I would occasionally have  the glorified “green tea” instead of the culprit coffee and imagine the former doing its magic and detoxifying my body, and continue to eat what I wanted, completely ignoring the fact that diet accounts for 80% of the goal I was trying to achieve – the goal being a decent amount of weight loss that would help my knees recover faster and help me get back to my biggest passion – dancing. Weight loss like any other goal requires immense perseverance, determination and CONSISTENCY. Why am I stressing on this so many times?

2-267x300 Flab to Fab with a DySfUnCtiOnaL Leg
Before After Magic

So how did I go from that to that “Before – After Magic” with an operated leg? No, it was not easy. But was it worth it? Every bit of it.

RACHNA RECOMMENDS – 7 steps to success

1. Begin Somewhere Already

It does not matter if you can’t do a 100 push-ups on Day 1. What matters is that you make a decision to change your life. You make the decision to start leading a healthier life, no matter how small the change, start doing it. And if that means you are going to start going to bed early and wake up early, then be it. Whats beautiful about these small changes is that they are all interconnected. When you start sleeping early, you will automatically start eating your dinner early (recommended: two hours before you sleep), and as soon as you wake up: EAT! Have that banana or that slurrrpyyyy Mango! When you consistently do this for a week, your body will start feeling good, and to keep that alive, you will want to eat only good food and look after yourself. Try it! If it doesn’t work – you can always drop me a message!

2. Celebrate the little things

You woke up at 6 am every day for a week and went for a walk? Pat yourself on the back! When I first started on my journey, I made a list of things that I would reward myself with.

We as humans tend to perform better the minute there is some reward attached to it. And that is exactly what I did! I celebrated each milestone because I knew I worked for it. (Feel free to put in anything, try and avoid writing Brownie or Pizza *Wink*

2-267x300 Flab to Fab with a DySfUnCtiOnaL Leg
Perks of Persistence !

3. Maintain a Journal! 

  This is absolutely essential. At the end of everyday, write down what/how much you ate, how many hours of sleep you got, your work out, basically everything that affects your health. I started using the app My Fitness Pal  which is a great way to track your food intake (please focus on the nutrients and not the calories) and Under Armour for 2-267x300 Flab to Fab with a DySfUnCtiOnaL Legmy work outs. The two applications can be synced, and this helps calculate your calorie deficit. As much as I love using both of them, nothing gives me the satisfaction of actually writing these things down. Besides writing down all the right things you did, its important to note down your deviations, that way you will prevent yourself from doing it again. Its ok to fall off the grid at times, but like I said, consistency is what will help you get there.



4. There will be Good days, there will be Great days and sometimes there will be “I don’t want to do any of this” days. 

Lets focus on the last one, we all are human beings and not machines. Its ok to take the day off when you are not feeling too well. Its ok to not exert yourself when you are genuinely tired. Its ok to eat that ice cream occasionally. But this is not your ticket to discontinue the journey of healthy living, it just means you needed a short break! (Like the one’s we had in school – your recess and then lunch). Think of it as your recess, the minute you think it is your lunch break, you are entering the danger zone.

2-267x300 Flab to Fab with a DySfUnCtiOnaL Leg

5. Set yourself some realistic goals. 

When you are starting out, don’t be overly ambitious. Give yourself and more importantly your body the time to accept change. Change is hard to deal with. So take it one step at a time. Always start with baby steps and the bigger picture will follow.

Make Charts! Put up motivational quotes in your room! Constantly visualize achieving those goals!

  1. This is a lifestyle change and not a short – term goal

“I lost 20 pounds! I can go back to eating whatever I want!”

No, that would be a crime on your body. I honestly have not reached my goal weight yet, but maintaining what I have already lost is a challenge in itself. Do not forget that this is a choice you are making for a lifetime, a choice that guarantees to keep you healthy and happy! And who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves?

7. And my last and favorite one: Surround yourself with people who support you! 

I think since the inception of my blog, I have constantly stressed on this. The reason is very obvious, the minute you have people who admire and appreciate what you are doing, you are bound to keep at it. They will understand what you are doing and how important it is to you, so they will only help you. And if they are also on a fitness journey already or plan to start with you, then double bonanza!!!

I often get annoyed that I can’t do those intense work outs, or dance my heart out. But the key is to make the best of what you have with you. We can always find excuses to not do something, but it takes a lot to find reasons and motivation to keep at something.

So my Dear Warrior, just keep swimming, because great things are coming your way! 

2-267x300 Flab to Fab with a DySfUnCtiOnaL Leg

About The Author 

Rachna Ramesh, from Hyderabad is a young lady wearing many hats. Besides being an amazing host at Airbnb (her reviews speak for themselves), she juggles her time blogging, doodling, and traveling. She is a fitness enthusiast and dabbles in cooking in her spare time. You can follow her on her blog site Eunoia-Beautiful Thinking.

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  1. Genuinely loved reading this.. Resonated on so many levels and rings multiple bells for ppl who are going through any big change. Some of the tips are overall great life advice!!

    Keep em coming!

    • Thanks Adi. Hear at newsminute.in we love focusing on positive stories and keep all negativity at bay. We will pass on your lovely words to the author.

    • Dear Adi,

      Thank you so much for reading it and for your kind words! Coming from you, this means a lot to me!

      Can’t wait to get my signed copy of The NameFake!


  2. Very heart touching and inspirational .. love your passion .. it will never disappoint you .. 🙂

    • Dearest Shilpa,

      Yes Passion is something that really changes everything! Thank you so much for reading the blog and for your heartfelt comment!

      Best Regards,

  3. Excellent write-up.A systematic and planned approach to the difficult field of weight loss.Ur writing shows how much u have enjoyed this whole process.

    • Thank you so much Tara Ma’am, for being there to support me since the very first day that you started teaching me. Be it the Rime of the Ancient Mariner or Julius Caesar, you made everything so interesting. Thank you for making me fall in love with the language and motivate me to keep doing better!

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